These are the most comprehensive type of surveys and are strongly advised to clients when purchasing a new or, more especially, a used vessel.  The surveyor will thoroughly inspect the vessel, her hull, decks, superstructures, machinery, rig, deck equipment, and  service systems to find, as far as practical, her condition, quality, and any defects.  These surveys will include a full out of water inspection to assess the integrity and water tightness of the hull, keel, steering gear and stern gear.  This will also include the condition of the cathodic protection, and an examination of  the machinery (non-invasive), propulsion, fuel, electrical, gas, sewage, water, and bilge systems.   A sea trial may be conducted, where practical, if requested by the client.  Pegasus Marine Surveys has a wide and comprehensive experience of examining the full range of vessels from small leisure craft to large commercial vessels.



The valuation of a vessel is often carried out at the same time as a Pre-Purchase / Condition / Insurance survey and is used to determine a fair and reasonable market value of the vessel which is normally required for insurance, marine mortgage, or other financing.  Condition Surveys and Valuations are carried out as an Authorised Vessel Examiner on behalf of the Royal Bank of Scotland for marine mortgages. 

When a valuation is carried out separately,  it will be clearly stated in the surveyor’s report that  this type of survey does not constitute a Pre-Purchase / Condition / Insurance survey and it should not be regarded as such.



Damage surveys are usually required by the MCA and insurance companies to assess the extent of damage to a vessel resulting from an accident / incident.  The surveyor may be directly involved with the salvage operation to organise, liaise, and supervise if required.  The surveyor will carry out a thorough examination and report on the resulting condition of the vessel, the probable cause of the damage, and recommended repairs and cost estimates.   This will require liaising with the client, salvage companies, boat yards or repairers, and transportation specialists.  It should be noted that the MCA and insurance companies expect immediate reporting of accidents / incidents by owners, and speedy damage assessment and reporting by the surveyor.  Best effort should also be made to minimise further damage, deterioration, or pollution issues with the vessel following the accident / incident.



Pre-Purchase / Condition surveys for commercial fishing vessels are thorough and comprehensive examinations of the vessel, her machinery, rig, service systems and equipment, to find her condition, quality,  and any faults.   These surveys require a full out of water inspection to assess the integrity  of the hull, keel, rudder and stern gear.  This will also include the condition of the cathodic protection, and an examination of the machinery and deck equipment (non-invasive), gallows, poles and rigging, propulsion system, fuel, electrical, gas, sewage, water, bilge, and other service systems.  General condition of the fishing gear may also be included where required.  A sea trial may be conducted, where practical, if requested by the client.   A Valuation may be carried out at the same time as a Pre-Purchase survey and is used to determine the fair market value of the vessel which is normally required for insurance, marine mortgage or other financing. 

Commercial Fishing Vessel Registration and Inspection examinations are carried out for compliance with current MCA  Fishing Vessel regulations as an Authorised SCMS Fishing Vessel Examiner on behalf of the MCA.   Consultation Services are provided for compliance with MCA Fishing Vessel Regulations where alterations to machinery, equipment, and structure are required which may affect vessel stability,  including CAD Engineering Drawings for MCA approval.  Condition Surveys and Valuations are carried out as an Authorised Vessel Examiner on behalf of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) for marine mortgages, and on behalf of several insurance companies. 



Small commercially operated vessels, up to 24 metres load line length,  work boats, and vessels carrying no more than 12 passengers, are legally required to comply with the relevant MCA Codes of Practice for the Safety of Small Commercial Sailing and Motor vessels using MGN 280, Workboat Code, and the Colour Codes.   Pegasus Marine Surveys is authorised by the IIMS and SCMS Certifying Authorities to undertake  these examinations, including Complex Work Boats, and Stability Tests, on behalf of the MCA .   



Pegasus Marine Surveys has extensive experience and knowledge in the mechanical, marine, and surveying industries, not only with sailing and motor vessels but also with fish farms, mussel farms and mooring installations.  Troubleshooting, investigations, and design consultancy services are offered including Stress Analysis and CAD Engineering Drawings.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and solve your problems.


Work has been carried out as a Marine Warranty Surveyor for Load-Out and Shipboard Transportation operations, including issue of the Certificate of Approval (COA), on behalf of an international marine consultancy.


Pegasus Marine Surveys can provide Oil Analysis Services, available for engine and gearbox oils which give an indication of the suitability of the lubricants for continued use of the machinery, and provide important information about the condition of the components within the machines. Early detection of emerging mechanical problems using chemical and physical examinations of the lubricant by oil analysis can be an effective diagnostic tool, which can allow remedial maintenance to be planned and carried out before a serious and costly failure occurs.  



Inclining Tests, Heel tests, Roll tests, and Draught Mark measurements can be carried out for ships, fishing vessels, and other commercial craft on behalf of the MCA.  Pegasus Marine Surveys is a Tonnage Measurer appointed by the IIMS and SCMS and is authorised to carry out measurements on vessels under 24 metres in length overall on behalf of the MCA for Registration on Part 1 of the British Registry.  



Pegasus Marine Surveys carries out boat deliveries around the UK,  Europe,  and Scandinavia with an experienced and dedicated professional skipper and crew.



Pegasus Marine Surveys can provide the services, advice and support of a Ship’s Superintendent experienced in ship repair, modifications, trouble shooting,  and Lloyd’s Register Classification compliance.