Pegasus Marine Surveys Ltd

Donald Ortchison is an independent Marine Surveyor and consultant specialising in commercial work boats,  fishing vessels, charter boats, leisure craft, fish farm and mussel farm installations.   Having lived and worked on the West coast of Scotland since 1988 as a marine surveyor, marine engineer, commercial fisherman and professional diver, he has extensive knowledge and experience in these fields, and is a member of a number of professional institutions and Certifying Authorities, including The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) and Seafish Marine Services.   He is a Registered Marine Surveyor (RMS) with the International Register of Marine Surveyors (IRMS), a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, a Chartered Marine Engineer, and an IMCA eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI).

He is authorised by the Certifying Authorities to undertake examinations on behalf of the MCA  for Codes of Practice for Small Commercial Vessels (including Complex Workboats), Stability Tests and Tonnage Measurements.   MCA Registration and Inspection Examinations for commercial fishing vessels are carried out under the direct authority of the MCA.  Services can be provided as an IMCA eCMID AVI for General Vessels and MISW.

Having previously been a Marine Surveyor and Technical Investigation Surveyor with Lloyd’s Register of Shipping,  London, Donald Ortchison can offer support services for Lloyd’s Register Classification compliance, ISM, ISPS, and as a ship’s superintendent.

Working from offices in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, and in Tobermory, Isle of Mull, on the west coast of Scotland, Pegasus Marine Surveys covers the whole of the country, including the islands and remote areas of the west and north coasts.   Vessels can be dried out against the pier walls in Stornoway and Tobermory, when tides are suitable, and surveys carried out there.  Stornoway also has a boatyard and slipway facility for boat service, maintenance and repair, as well as for survey inspections.

Surveys and investigations are carried out locally, nationally and internationally on behalf of clients who require professional, unbiased, and thorough examinations of vessels.   Many surveys have been carried out on vessels in Norway and Finland in recent years.  Being close to Stornoway airport allows fast mobilisation for surveys internationally.

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